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The first hydrogen-based thermal energy unit for industrial “mobile” applications is delivered to you by NAPOP.


NAPOP H2 CTC is a series of mobile thermal energy supply units using catalytic oxidation. Hydrogen is mixed with air and supplied to the catalytic reaction chamber. The process is complete and therefore more efficient than all other thermal energy conversion technologies applied in the industry today.


The NAPOP H2 CTC technology is undergoing industrialization and will evolve into three modular units available in the market from Q1 2023. These will have capacities of 80, 200, and 500 kW respectively. Supplying heated liquid, or air. These products will be tailored to the building and construction sectors.



   ..grid independence - no emissions - no fuss!


  • Modular capacity - 80kW to 10MW

  • 25.000hr lifetime 

  • Recyclable 

Applicable Industries 

  • Process industry

  • Concrete Industry

  • Central heating

  • Off-grid thermal heating

  • Building and construction


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