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ENERGY "Off-Grid"

The NAPOP H2 ES is a fuel cell-driven energy station providing independent power anytime - anywhere, as long as you have hydrogen!

Available for purchase or rental NOW! 


The NAPOP H2 ES is powered by the most adaptable industrial fuel cell there is. Used in the best-selling automotive vehicles, our PEM fuel cell offers outstanding performance capacity with a referencable track record that is second to none.


In our set-up, it delivers a continuous 70 kWh/ 110 kVA. For short-time peaks - it will give you nearly 90 kWh (limited to 1 hour per 24 hours) capacity over a 24-hour period exceeds 1650 kWh. That’s nearly five times that of the capacity of the larger battery energy storage systems (containers) on offer and already in use in the construction and building sectors.


For balancing, it has an integrated battery balancing capacity of 45 kWh. It operates with an efficiency of just above 50% - consuming about 4,3 kg/H2/hour at full load. The lost energy - well it may not be lost. Waste heat can be converted to useable thermal energy - if you need it. 

   ..grid independence - no emissions - no fuss!


  • Power from the grid - is it available at all?

  • Zero-emission requirements - we supply green hydrogen for all our products.

  • AC or DC - or maybe both! It's within reach - just ask!

  • In combination with other energy sources? We offer complete peak-shaving power management. Shaving your energy bill!

Applicable Industries

  • Temporary power requirements require mobile power solutions. That’s us!

  • Solutions for the building and construction sector. 

  • Supporting ever-increasing societal electrification - grid balancing.

  • Establishing power availability independent of the grid, e.g.:

    • Grid independent charging of vehicles

    • Electric power anywhere- anytime

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