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Zero Emission Transition - adapting new technologies

our green solutions


CTC - Catalytic Thermal Combustion Units

NAPOP H2 CTC converts energy stored in hydrogen to useable thermal energy by catalytic oxidation/ combustion. The CTC units are extremely efficient - the process of oxidation is complete! It’s extremely energy efficient - extremely compact.

Did you know that some 55 - 75% of all energy consumed by international processing industries is used to generate heat? And that 95% of this energy is produced using fossils such as coal and oil?


It's the transition we need!


Future thermal energy - supplied by hydrogen.


..grid independence - no emissions - no fuss!

ES - Energy Station

Mobile and independent power anytime - anywhere - brought to you by the energy-carrier of the future… Hydrogen!


Ready for you now!


NAPOP H2 ES applies a fuel cell for the production of electric energy. It includes a modest battery package for immediate availability. When you press the button - you’re up and running. Efficiency - almost twice as efficient as your conventional genset, which is being phased out.


Future mobile electric power - supplied by hydrogen.


..grid independence - no emissions - no fuss!

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VIRIDI - Hydrogen Production

Time for a lesson in Latin! - Viridi.., well, it simply means green!

Green hydrogen - produced using water and power as ingredients. To make it green - the power needs to be generated by renewable sources. We are engaged in solar plants as well as hydropower plants, preparing for the hydrogen revolution. It's not going to be grey nor blue - but VIRIDI!


we already supply hydrogen made from wind… and water!

Green Hydrogen!

NAPOP provides green hydrogen delivered straight to you. Simply order here!

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