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NAPOP VIRIDI - Green Hydrogen is manufactured by electrolysis, the process of splitting oxygen molecules away from hydrogen molecules by means of electric power. We supply hydrogen, generated using wind power. By 2026, we will have installed 60 MW of electrolysis capacity, additionally utilizing solar and hydropower. Truly green hydrogen… We also take care of the oxygen! It is refined and useable for several applications. Did you know that the aquaculture industries require 450 grams of oxygen to produce 1 kg of fish! Well, now you know.


NAPOP VIRIDI rests on a modular electrolysis concept, developed in collaboration with our partners - capable of generating commercial hydrogen and oxygen. The concept offers high levels of efficiency as well as capacity flexibility. 


  • Electrolyser - PEM

  • Containment - 350bar storage

  • Oxygen handling

Energy Source

  • Wind

  • Hydropower

  • Solar

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